RUNMYBOT® delivers digitally connected truly automated
business process

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Our Company

actionfi is the first company of its kind to custom create an integrated Bot as a service platform. Our RUNMYBOT® technology automates business and analytical processes in order to increase productivity and profitability.

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Customer Success

Our customer success is based on the simple principles of better experience, faster adoption and onboarding while delivering predictable and measurable results from day one.

Faster Adoption

We support most technologies and enterprise standards in authentication and integration, driving faster adoption of our enterprise Bots.

Faster onboarding

We configure customer system connectivity with our prebuilt library or connectors allowing faster customer onboarding without any change in your IT infrastructure.

Greater Lifetime Value

Each Bot is tied to a specific technical and business outcome. These out-of-the-box problem solving with business application allows for process to run smoothly and achieve greater lifetime value for customers. 

Better Experience

RUNMYBOT® platform is self managed by 24/7 monitoring and support. With a built-in life cycle management outcome, we can even integrate with customers operations and reporting systems.