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Ready for new sales experience? SAP Fiori based SMART sales app

Sales conversations can happen anywhere, anytime: at a desk, over lunch, in the hallway and of course at a dealership or sales office. Traditional sales transaction screens built into ERP systems like SAP limits the modern day sales engagement.

SMART Sales app connects backend SAP systems and meet the demand for a sales app that project modern and innovative image of you and your company. SMART sales app is where your product and services come to life. Materials such as catalogs, pricelists, photographs and videos can all be accessed next to an order taking screen or product configuration screen. Your customers can even swipe through the different types of content themselves, which creates a valuable engagement. The customer gets the variant configurations instantaneously as per his needs and desires.A customized visual image of the desire of the perspective buyers is of great help for the sales persons. The app serves this purpose and gives you a new outlook.

There is no denying the fact that new generation apps and tablets give sales representatives a certain “wow” factor – the ability to impress customers with high-quality materials with instant access to vast amounts of product information at the same time navigating through complex product configuration screens with ease. Apart from the beautiful product display and attractive order taking app, this is a complete mobile app that is easy to setup and configure with the backend SAP systems.

customer proximity on SMART Sales App v/s SAP GUI Screen

With SMART sales app, you can manage your customers and have access to their order history. Our product configuration and validation algorithm simplify the order taking of complex products. It helps the customer create his right quote and proceed to tracking order status and pending invoices. SMART sales app enables remote sales order management without any additional IT infrastructure. The app being built on standard SAP technologies, there is a new battleground in the marketing landscape and it is mobile. People today, spend a major part of their time on phones or tablets, so spread your influence through it which can make greater impact. This demographic shift in the buying selling nature of people demands a SMART sales app to promote sales in the present scenario. Consequently, sales representatives benefit from a sense of professionalism and the feeling that they are more prepared for sales engagements.

Our analytics behind the scene help sales leadership with accurate data on the buying behaviors as well as customer engagement trends.


SMART Sales app is built on SAP Fiori Framework and SAPUI5 technology with native integration into any SAP backend system. This role based application with device independent UI, seamlessly integrate various sales functions and replaces old SAPGUI based transactions. SMART sales app utilizes ‘variant configuration’ that you have already created in the backend system. Our configuration algorithm checks and validates the possible product configurations. Since it is based on SAP Fiori, no additional security configurations are needed for user access. SMART sales app works with almost all versions of backend SAP systems. If you do not have Fiori component installed on-premises we can still help you with our SMART sales app.

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